Software Pack. What you need for a basic software equipment

  1. A Windows version (from Win 98 up)

  2. Office (any version)

  3. Internet Explorer. Full Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 english version ( Location 1, 2, 3, 4)

  4. Winrar crack (better and more complete than Winzip, so Winzip no more necessary)

  5. Irfan View (image viewer, quick and freeware)

  6. An antivirus (Norton Antivirus 2003 is good and easily upgradable, not serial number required during installation and also it's easy to update the Live Update subscription: simply replace the Catalog.LiveSubscribe file with a cracked one: Norton 2002-2003 LiveUpdate Subscription crack)

  7. Nero Burning crack (the best to burn CD and easy to register) or > > CloneCD < < crack (for a CD copy also protected)

  8. DVDSrink to copy a DVD
  9. An mp3 player (I prefer the old Winamp version 2.91). A divx player (BS Player quick and small, don't use Windows Media Player, please!)

  10. A codec pack (if you are enable to see or listen an .avi; note that it's a codec problem, not due to the player program; K-lite codec pack is a good choice and the full version contains also BS Player)

  11. A spyware remover (Ad-aware is good)

  12. Cdex, small stand-alone and freeware, to convert CD Audio in mp3. No installation required.

 If you have a broad band connection:

  1. A firewall (anyone is ok; basically it's a stupid program; Zone Alarm or Norton Firewall for example)

  2. A peer to peer program (Emule and > > Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 < <, latest version available, are the bests)

You can download any program, film, music you need with Emule; Kazaa lite may be faster if the file is shared by many users.

If you need a serial number or a crack:

ciao giu