Software Pack. What you need for a basic software equipment

  1. A Windows version (from Win 98 up)

  2. Office (any version)

  3. Internet Explorer. Full Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 english version ( Location 1, 2, 3, 4)

  4. Winrar crack (better and more complete than Winzip, so Winzip no more necessary)

  5. Irfan View (image viewer, quick and freeware)

  6. An antivirus (Norton Antivirus 2003 is good and easily upgradable, not serial number required during installation and also it's easy to update the Live Update subscription: simply replace the Catalog.LiveSubscribe file with a cracked one: Norton 2002-2003 LiveUpdate Subscription crack)

  7. Nero Burning crack (the best to burn CD and easy to register) or > > CloneCD < < crack (for a CD copy also protected)

  8. An mp3 player (I prefer the old Winamp version 2.91). A divx player (BS Player quick and small, don't use Windows Media Player, please!)

  9. A codec pack (if you are enable to see or listen an .avi; note that it's a codec problem, not due to the player program; K-lite codec pack is a good choice and the full version contains also BS Player)

  10. A spyware remover (Ad-aware is good)

  11. Cdex, small stand-alone and freeware, to convert CD Audio in mp3. No installation required.

 If you have a broad band connection:

  1. A firewall (anyone is ok; basically it's a stupid program; Zone Alarm or Norton Firewall for example)

  2. A peer to peer program (Emule and > > Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 < <, latest version available, are the bests)

You can download any program, film, music you need with Emule; Kazaa lite may be faster if the file is shared by many users.

If you need a serial number or a crack:

ciao giu

hermokazaament    (thermo-kazaa-ment)    action or process of heat of kazaa
subkazaambulate    (sub-kazaa-ambulate)    to walk or wander below or under kazaa
archkazaa    (arch-kazaa)    highest or most important kazaa
mulitkazaa    (mulit-kazaa)    many, much kazaa
prekazaa    (pre-kazaa)    before or prior to kazaa
kazaaness    (kazaa-ness)    state, quality, condition or degree of kazaa
kazaaine    (kazaa-ine)    made of or resembling kazaa
diskazaametric    (dis-kazaa-metric)    relating to measurement of not kazaa
hyperkazaaious    (hyper-kazaa-ious)    full of or having the qualities of above or beyond kazaa
dictkazaaium    (dict-kazaa-ium)    chemical element or group talk or say kazaa
monokazaaian    (mono-kazaa-ian)    one relating to, belonging to, or resembling one or a single kazaa
ornithokazaa    (ornitho-kazaa)    bird kazaa
parakazaa    (para-kazaa)    near or similar to kazaa
kazaalogy    (kazaa-logy)    science, theory or study of kazaa
unkazaamorphic    (un-kazaa-morphic)    having the form of not kazaa
omnikazaa    (omni-kazaa)    all kazaa
kazaary    (kazaa-ary)    of or relating to kazaa
trikazaa    (tri-kazaa)    three kazaa
semikazaaphobia    (semi-kazaa-phobia)    fear of half or partial kazaa
megakazaa    (mega-kazaa)    a large kazaa
deikazaa    (dei-kazaa)    god kazaa
dictkazaaess    (dict-kazaa-ess)    a female talk or say kazaa
prekazaa    (pre-kazaa)    before or prior to kazaa
hierkazaa    (hier-kazaa)    sacred kazaa
annikazaator    (anni-kazaa-ator)    one that acts in the manner of yearly kazaa

transwindows    (trans-windows)     across or through windows
windowsible    (windows-ible)    capable or worthy of windows
thermowindowsance    (thermo-windows-ance)    state or condition of heat of windows
semiwindowsite    (semi-windows-ite)    native, resident or part of half or partial windows
stereowindowsgraph    (stereo-windows-graph)    written or used for writing solid or three dimensional windows
windowsmeter    (windows-meter)    device for measuring windows
magwindows    (mag-windows)    great windows
holowindows    (holo-windows)    whole windows
windowseous    (windows-eous)    having the nature of windows
polywindowsible    (poly-windows-ible)    capable or worthy of more than one or excessive windows
underwindowsgenic    (under-windows-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for beneath or below windows
pentawindowsship    (penta-windows-ship)    quality, status or skill of five windows
neowindowsosis    (neo-windows-osis)    abnormal condition or process of new windows
cowindows    (co-windows)    with windows
microwindowsess    (micro-windows-ess)    a female small windows
diawindowsish    (dia-windows-ish)    of, relating to, or being through, across windows
windowsproof    (windows-proof)    able to withstand windows
unwindows    (un-windows)    not windows
chlorowindowsaqueous    (chloro-windows-aqueous)    watery green colored windows
thermwindows    (therm-windows)    heat of windows
erythrowindows    (erythro-windows)    red windows
bonwindows    (bon-windows)    good windows
outwindowsphobia    (out-windows-phobia)    fear of surpassing or exceeding windows
windowsing    (windows-ing)    action, process or art of windows
windowsite    (windows-ite)    native, resident or part of windows

magoffice    (mag-office)     great office
paraoffice    (para-office)    near or similar to office
profficement    (pro-office-ment)    action or process of supporting or favoring office
paraofficeary    (para-office-ary)    of or relating to near or similar to office
officeisation    (office-isation)    process or result of doing or making office
benofficeous    (ben-office-eous)    having the nature of good office
officeambulist    (office-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders office
decaoffice    (deca-office)    ten office
officess    (office-ess)    a female office
aquaticofficeion    (aquatic-office-ion)    action or process of water office
hydroffice    (hydro-office)    water or liquid office
neofficeaqueous    (neo-office-aqueous)    watery new office
brevioffice    (brevi-office)    short office
thermofficemorphic    (therm-office-morphic)    having the form of heat of office
paraoffice    (para-office)    near or similar to office
chloroffice    (chloro-office)    green colored office
paleofficeologist    (paleo-office-ologist)    one who studies long ago, ancient office
officegraphy    (office-graphy)    representation of or process of representing office
officeion    (office-ion)    action or process of office
magofficeable    (mag-office-able)    capable or worthy of great office
officeium    (office-ium)    chemical element or group office
officescope    (office-scope)    instrument for viewing or measuring office
ornithofficeative    (ornitho-office-ative)    associated with bird office
antiofficeous    (anti-office-ous)    possessing, full of or characterized by opposite or opposing office
officeosis    (office-osis)    abnormal condition or process of office

archinternet    (arch-internet)     highest or most important internet
ultrainternet    (ultra-internet)    beyond the normal range of internet
internetmetric    (internet-metric)    relating to measurement of internet
internetambulate    (internet-ambulate)    to walk or wander internet
chromointernet    (chromo-internet)    color internet
internetably    (internet-ably)    performing in a manor worth of internet
archinternet    (arch-internet)    highest or most important internet
erythrointernet    (erythro-internet)    red internet
internetable    (internet-able)    capable or worthy of internet
superinternet    (super-internet)    above or superior to internet
acrointernet    (acro-internet)    top, tip or end internet
internetine    (internet-ine)    made of or resembling internet
macrointernet    (macro-internet)    long, large internet
internetaqueous    (internet-aqueous)    watery internet
interinternetaqueous    (inter-internet-aqueous)    watery between or in the midst of internet
internetscope    (internet-scope)    instrument for viewing or measuring internet
decainternet    (deca-internet)    ten internet
internetscope    (internet-scope)    instrument for viewing or measuring internet
internetgraph    (internet-graph)    written or used for writing internet
antinternetian    (anti-internet-ian)    one relating to, belonging to, or resembling opposite or opposing internet
internetous    (internet-ous)    possessing, full of or characterized by internet
internetise    (internet-ise)    to cause to be or to become internet
psychointernetial    (psycho-internet-ial)    of, relating to, or characterized by mental activities or the mind of internet
internetgraph    (internet-graph)    written or used for writing internet
parainternet    (para-internet)    near or similar to internet

biexplorer    (bi-explorer)     two explorer
acroexplorerably    (acro-explorer-ably)    performing in a manor worth of top, tip or end explorer
antiexplorer    (anti-explorer)    opposite or opposing explorer
endoexplorermeter    (endo-explorer-meter)    device for measuring within explorer
exploreration    (explorer-ation)    process, state or action of explorer
hematoexplorer    (hemato-explorer)    blood explorer
hypoexplorerisation    (hypo-explorer-isation)    process or result of doing or making below or less than explorer
explorerologist    (explorer-ologist)    one who studies explorer
corporexplorerism    (corpor-explorer-ism)    action, process or practice of body explorer
explorerant    (explorer-ant)    being, promoting or causing explorer
autoexplorerive    (auto-explorer-ive)    performing or tending toward automatic explorer
antiexplorer    (anti-explorer)    opposite or opposing explorer
conexploreritis    (con-explorer-itis)    inflammation or disease of with explorer
explorerization    (explorer-ization)    process or result of doing or making explorer
explorerize    (explorer-ize)    to cause to be or to become explorer
explorership    (explorer-ship)    quality, status or skill of explorer
anniexplorer    (anni-explorer)    yearly explorer
explorering    (explorer-ing)    action, process or art of explorer
explorerish    (explorer-ish)    of, relating to, or being explorer
bonexplorer    (bon-explorer)    good explorer
semiexplorerate    (semi-explorer-ate)    resembling or characterized by half or partial explorer
pentaexplorerine    (penta-explorer-ine)    made of or resembling five explorer
curexplorer    (cur-explorer)    run or go explorer
hyperexplorer    (hyper-explorer)    above or beyond explorer
outexplorerlogy    (out-explorer-logy)    science, theory or study of surpassing or exceeding explorer

circumwinrar    (circum-winrar)     around winrar
hematowinrarite    (hemato-winrar-ite)    native, resident or part of blood winrar
ultrawinrar    (ultra-winrar)    beyond the normal range of winrar
counterwinrar    (counter-winrar)    contrary or opposite of winrar
decawinrar    (deca-winrar)    ten winrar
winrarary    (winrar-ary)    of or relating to winrar
carnowinrar    (carno-winrar)    flesh or meat winrar
stereowinraring    (stereo-winrar-ing)    action, process or art of solid or three dimensional winrar
overwinrarling    (over-winrar-ling)    one connected with excessive winrar
electrowinrar    (electro-winrar)    electric winrar
winrargenic    (winrar-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for winrar
winrarologist    (winrar-ologist)    one who studies winrar
subwinrar    (sub-winrar)    below or under winrar
winrarologist    (winrar-ologist)    one who studies winrar
chlorowinrarary    (chloro-winrar-ary)    of or relating to green colored winrar
diawinrar    (dia-winrar)    through, across winrar
mulitwinrarise    (mulit-winrar-ise)    to cause to be or to become many, much winrar
parwinrarologist    (par-winrar-ologist)    one who studies abnormal or beyond winrar
winrarform    (winrar-form)    having the form of winrar
semiwinrar    (semi-winrar)    half or partial winrar
archawinrarferous    (archa-winrar-ferous)    producing or containing old, ancient winrar
curwinrarator    (cur-winrar-ator)    one that acts in the manner of run or go winrar
winrarator    (winrar-ator)    one that acts in the manner of winrar
winrarment    (winrar-ment)    action or process of winrar
interwinrar    (inter-winrar)    between or in the midst of winrar

irfanization    (irfan-ization)    process or result of doing or making irfan
irfanlogy    (irfan-logy)    science, theory or study of irfan
carnoirfan    (carno-irfan)    flesh or meat irfan
hydroirfan    (hydro-irfan)    water or liquid irfan
irfanambulist    (irfan-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders irfan
deirfanambulate    (dei-irfan-ambulate)    to walk or wander god irfan
curairfanator    (cura-irfan-ator)    one that acts in the manner of heal or cure irfan
irfanary    (irfan-ary)    of or relating to irfan
irfanproof    (irfan-proof)    able to withstand irfan
homoirfanmeter    (homo-irfan-meter)    device for measuring same irfan
monoirfan    (mono-irfan)    one or a single irfan
irfanful    (irfan-ful)    full of irfan
irfanform    (irfan-form)    having the form of irfan
irfanary    (irfan-ary)    of or relating to irfan
irfangenic    (irfan-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for irfan
chromoirfan    (chromo-irfan)    color irfan
perirfanoid    (peri-irfan-oid)    having the appearance of around, about irfan
semirfan    (semi-irfan)    half or partial irfan
capitirfanform    (capit-irfan-form)    having the form of leader or first irfan
brevirfanmeter    (brevi-irfan-meter)    device for measuring short irfan
capitirfan    (capit-irfan)    leader or first irfan
annuirfan    (annu-irfan)    yearly irfan
cryptoirfan    (crypto-irfan)    hidden or secret irfan
irfaning    (irfan-ing)    action, process or art of irfan
erythroirfan    (erythro-irfan)    red irfan

antivirusion    (antivirus-ion)    action or process of antivirus
subantivirusness    (sub-antivirus-ness)    state, quality, condition or degree of below or under antivirus
ultrantivirusful    (ultra-antivirus-ful)    full of beyond the normal range of antivirus
antivirusation    (antivirus-ation)    process, state or action of antivirus
breviantivirus    (brevi-antivirus)    short antivirus
kiloantivirus    (kilo-antivirus)    thousand antivirus
acroantivirus    (acro-antivirus)    top, tip or end antivirus
superantivirusator    (super-antivirus-ator)    one that acts in the manner of above or superior to antivirus
metantivirusative    (meta-antivirus-ative)    associated with changed from or later than antivirus
monoantivirusability    (mono-antivirus-ability)    inclination or suitability for one or a single antivirus
electroantivirus    (electro-antivirus)    electric antivirus
antivirusate    (antivirus-ate)    resembling or characterized by antivirus
antivirusator    (antivirus-ator)    one that acts in the manner of antivirus
deiantivirus    (dei-antivirus)    god antivirus
antivirusant    (antivirus-ant)    being, promoting or causing antivirus
circumantivirus    (circum-antivirus)    around antivirus
antivirusling    (antivirus-ling)    one connected with antivirus
thermoantivirus    (thermo-antivirus)    heat of antivirus
overantivirus    (over-antivirus)    excessive antivirus
brevantivirusform    (brev-antivirus-form)    having the form of short antivirus
divantivirusism    (div-antivirus-ism)    action, process or practice of god antivirus
malantivirusproof    (mal-antivirus-proof)    able to withstand bad, ill antivirus
ornithoantivirus    (ornitho-antivirus)    bird antivirus
antivirusise    (antivirus-ise)    to cause to be or to become antivirus
antivirusscope    (antivirus-scope)    instrument for viewing or measuring antivirus

heminortonist    (hemi-norton-ist)    one that performs, produces or believes in half norton
contranortonologist    (contra-norton-ologist)    one who studies against or opposite of norton
paranortonmetric    (para-norton-metric)    relating to measurement of near or similar to norton
contranorton    (contra-norton)    against or opposite of norton
anninorton    (anni-norton)    yearly norton
disnortonmeter    (dis-norton-meter)    device for measuring not norton
perinorton    (peri-norton)    around, about norton
unnortonization    (un-norton-ization)    process or result of doing or making not norton
nortongraphy    (norton-graphy)    representation of or process of representing norton
outnortoness    (out-norton-ess)    a female surpassing or exceeding norton
binortonible    (bi-norton-ible)    capable or worthy of two norton
nortonitis    (norton-itis)    inflammation or disease of norton
omninortonambulate    (omni-norton-ambulate)    to walk or wander all norton
omninortonmorphic    (omni-norton-morphic)    having the form of all norton
ornithonortonosis    (ornitho-norton-osis)    abnormal condition or process of bird norton
nortonambulist    (norton-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders norton
annunorton    (annu-norton)    yearly norton
corpusnorton    (corpus-norton)    body norton
nortonform    (norton-form)    having the form of norton
nortonosis    (norton-osis)    abnormal condition or process of norton
nortonform    (norton-form)    having the form of norton
nortonism    (norton-ism)    action, process or practice of norton
postnortonphobia    (post-norton-phobia)    fear of after norton
aquaticnortoncide    (aquatic-norton-cide)    to cut down or kill water norton
holonorton    (holo-norton)    whole norton

virusful    (virus-ful)    full of virus
virusgenic    (virus-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for virus
gastrovirus    (gastro-virus)    stomach of virus
monovirusambulist    (mono-virus-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders one or a single virus
virusosis    (virus-osis)    abnormal condition or process of virus
omnivirusous    (omni-virus-ous)    possessing, full of or characterized by all virus
virusing    (virus-ing)    action, process or art of virus
virusance    (virus-ance)    state or condition of virus
pneumovirus    (pneumo-virus)    air virus
celervirusise    (celer-virus-ise)    to cause to be or to become fast virus
virusion    (virus-ion)    action or process of virus
virusisation    (virus-isation)    process or result of doing or making virus
deivirusess    (dei-virus-ess)    a female god virus
curavirus    (cura-virus)    heal or cure virus
virusship    (virus-ship)    quality, status or skill of virus
virusance    (virus-ance)    state or condition of virus
virusability    (virus-ability)    inclination or suitability for virus
acrovirus    (acro-virus)    top, tip or end virus
metavirusian    (meta-virus-ian)    one relating to, belonging to, or resembling changed from or later than virus
outvirusist    (out-virus-ist)    one that performs, produces or believes in surpassing or exceeding virus
parvirusation    (par-virus-ation)    process, state or action of abnormal or beyond virus
hiervirus    (hier-virus)    sacred virus
virusosis    (virus-osis)    abnormal condition or process of virus
virusite    (virus-ite)    native, resident or part of virus
hiervirus    (hier-virus)    sacred virus

erythroneroance    (erythro-nero-ance)    state or condition of red nero
neroant    (nero-ant)    being, promoting or causing nero
contraneroative    (contra-nero-ative)    associated with against or opposite of nero
benneroive    (ben-nero-ive)    performing or tending toward good nero
ultranero    (ultra-nero)    beyond the normal range of nero
chromonero    (chromo-nero)    color nero
neroance    (nero-ance)    state or condition of nero
bennero    (ben-nero)    good nero
audioneroive    (audio-nero-ive)    performing or tending toward hearing or sound nero
anteneroive    (ante-nero-ive)    performing or tending toward before nero
neroist    (nero-ist)    one that performs, produces or believes in nero
pseudoneroian    (pseudo-nero-ian)    one relating to, belonging to, or resembling false or deceptive nero
erythronero    (erythro-nero)    red nero
neroambulate    (nero-ambulate)    to walk or wander nero
corpusneroator    (corpus-nero-ator)    one that acts in the manner of body nero
aquaticnero    (aquatic-nero)    water nero
unnero    (un-nero)    not nero
nerography    (nero-graphy)    representation of or process of representing nero
heminero    (hemi-nero)    half nero
brevnero    (brev-nero)    short nero
paraneroish    (para-nero-ish)    of, relating to, or being near or similar to nero
perinero    (peri-nero)    around, about nero
paleonero    (paleo-nero)    long ago, ancient nero
thermonero    (thermo-nero)    heat of nero
forenero    (fore-nero)    before or in front of nero

bonburningise    (bon-burning-ise)    to cause to be or to become good burning
holoburningment    (holo-burning-ment)    action or process of whole burning
megaburningate    (mega-burning-ate)    resembling or characterized by a large burning
postburningisation    (post-burning-isation)    process or result of doing or making after burning
burningosis    (burning-osis)    abnormal condition or process of burning
burningosis    (burning-osis)    abnormal condition or process of burning
ultraburningcide    (ultra-burning-cide)    to cut down or kill beyond the normal range of burning
burninggraph    (burning-graph)    written or used for writing burning
corpburningist    (corp-burning-ist)    one that performs, produces or believes in body burning
psychoburningious    (psycho-burning-ious)    full of or having the qualities of mental activities or the mind of burning
microburningive    (micro-burning-ive)    performing or tending toward small burning
magburninggenic    (mag-burning-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for great burning
nonburning    (non-burning)    not burning
burningish    (burning-ish)    of, relating to, or being burning
burningess    (burning-ess)    a female burning
burningation    (burning-ation)    process, state or action of burning
macroburning    (macro-burning)    long, large burning
carnoburning    (carno-burning)    flesh or meat burning
hydroburning    (hydro-burning)    water or liquid burning
kiloburning    (kilo-burning)    thousand burning
burningosis    (burning-osis)    abnormal condition or process of burning
carnoburningish    (carno-burning-ish)    of, relating to, or being flesh or meat burning
postburningization    (post-burning-ization)    process or result of doing or making after burning
semiburningmetric    (semi-burning-metric)    relating to measurement of half or partial burning
burningeous    (burning-eous)    having the nature of burning

ultramp3    (ultra-mp3)     beyond the normal range of mp3
electromp3ible    (electro-mp3-ible)    capable or worthy of electric mp3
dismp3    (dis-mp3)    not mp3
audiomp3    (audio-mp3)    hearing or sound mp3
mp3ator    (mp3-ator)    one that acts in the manner of mp3
erythromp3    (erythro-mp3)    red mp3
mp3ium    (mp3-ium)    chemical element or group mp3
aquaticmp3phobia    (aquatic-mp3-phobia)    fear of water mp3
mp3ologist    (mp3-ologist)    one who studies mp3
divmp3ism    (div-mp3-ism)    action, process or practice of god mp3
annump3meter    (annu-mp3-meter)    device for measuring yearly mp3
mp3ial    (mp3-ial)    of, relating to, or characterized by mp3
ornithomp3    (ornitho-mp3)    bird mp3
bimp3    (bi-mp3)    two mp3
mp3ine    (mp3-ine)    made of or resembling mp3
mp3ability    (mp3-ability)    inclination or suitability for mp3
mp3ary    (mp3-ary)    of or relating to mp3
homomp3itis    (homo-mp3-itis)    inflammation or disease of same mp3
pentamp3    (penta-mp3)    five mp3
conmp3morphic    (con-mp3-morphic)    having the form of with mp3
mp3ious    (mp3-ious)    full of or having the qualities of mp3
intermp3    (inter-mp3)    between or in the midst of mp3
capitmp3    (capit-mp3)    leader or first mp3
pentamp3    (penta-mp3)    five mp3
corpormp3ferous    (corpor-mp3-ferous)    producing or containing body mp3

winampment    (winamp-ment)    action or process of winamp
gastrowinampful    (gastro-winamp-ful)    full of stomach of winamp
conwinamp    (con-winamp)    with winamp
hematowinampible    (hemato-winamp-ible)    capable or worthy of blood winamp
winampform    (winamp-form)    having the form of winamp
hematowinamp    (hemato-winamp)    blood winamp
winampator    (winamp-ator)    one that acts in the manner of winamp
microwinamp    (micro-winamp)    small winamp
winampambulist    (winamp-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders winamp
corpuswinamp    (corpus-winamp)    body winamp
hematowinamp    (hemato-winamp)    blood winamp
extrawinamp    (extra-winamp)    beyond winamp
malwinampise    (mal-winamp-ise)    to cause to be or to become bad, ill winamp
hematowinampise    (hemato-winamp-ise)    to cause to be or to become blood winamp
heterowinampness    (hetero-winamp-ness)    state, quality, condition or degree of different from winamp
winampative    (winamp-ative)    associated with winamp
subwinamp    (sub-winamp)    below or under winamp
winampscope    (winamp-scope)    instrument for viewing or measuring winamp
ornithowinamp    (ornitho-winamp)    bird winamp
monowinampium    (mono-winamp-ium)    chemical element or group one or a single winamp
benwinamp    (ben-winamp)    good winamp
winampize    (winamp-ize)    to cause to be or to become winamp
winampization    (winamp-ization)    process or result of doing or making winamp
winampgenesis    (winamp-genesis)    beginning of winamp
winampisation    (winamp-isation)    process or result of doing or making winamp

codeclogy    (codec-logy)    science, theory or study of codec
codecgraphy    (codec-graphy)    representation of or process of representing codec
chlorocodec    (chloro-codec)    green colored codec
pericodec    (peri-codec)    around, about codec
candcodecization    (cand-codec-ization)    process or result of doing or making glowing or white codec
decacodecite    (deca-codec-ite)    native, resident or part of ten codec
hypercodec    (hyper-codec)    above or beyond codec
dictcodec    (dict-codec)    talk or say codec
codecaqueous    (codec-aqueous)    watery codec
heterocodec    (hetero-codec)    different from codec
undercodecability    (under-codec-ability)    inclination or suitability for beneath or below codec
intercodec    (inter-codec)    between or in the midst of codec
pentacodecative    (penta-codec-ative)    associated with five codec
codecmetric    (codec-metric)    relating to measurement of codec
holocodeccide    (holo-codec-cide)    to cut down or kill whole codec
codecite    (codec-ite)    native, resident or part of codec
codecable    (codec-able)    capable or worthy of codec
subcodecitis    (sub-codec-itis)    inflammation or disease of below or under codec
celercodec    (celer-codec)    fast codec
brevicodecible    (brevi-codec-ible)    capable or worthy of short codec
candcodec    (cand-codec)    glowing or white codec
codecing    (codec-ing)    action, process or art of codec
erythrocodecability    (erythro-codec-ability)    inclination or suitability for red codec
codecmorphic    (codec-morphic)    having the form of codec
forecodec    (fore-codec)    before or in front of codec

spywareability    (spyware-ability)    inclination or suitability for spyware
brevspywarephobia    (brev-spyware-phobia)    fear of short spyware
paraspywareious    (para-spyware-ious)    full of or having the qualities of near or similar to spyware
endospyware    (endo-spyware)    within spyware
hypospywareferous    (hypo-spyware-ferous)    producing or containing below or less than spyware
spywareise    (spyware-ise)    to cause to be or to become spyware
microspyware    (micro-spyware)    small spyware
erythrospyware    (erythro-spyware)    red spyware
spywaregraphy    (spyware-graphy)    representation of or process of representing spyware
aquaticspyware    (aquatic-spyware)    water spyware
spywareive    (spyware-ive)    performing or tending toward spyware
spywareial    (spyware-ial)    of, relating to, or characterized by spyware
magspywareness    (mag-spyware-ness)    state, quality, condition or degree of great spyware
spywarecide    (spyware-cide)    to cut down or kill spyware
spywaremetric    (spyware-metric)    relating to measurement of spyware
omnispywaress    (omni-spyware-ess)    a female all spyware
thermspyware    (therm-spyware)    heat of spyware
spywareator    (spyware-ator)    one that acts in the manner of spyware
paraspyware    (para-spyware)    near or similar to spyware
annispywarecide    (anni-spyware-cide)    to cut down or kill yearly spyware
psychospywareism    (psycho-spyware-ism)    action, process or practice of mental activities or the mind of spyware
paleospyware    (paleo-spyware)    long ago, ancient spyware
counterspyware    (counter-spyware)    contrary or opposite of spyware
paleospyware    (paleo-spyware)    long ago, ancient spyware
spywaregenesis    (spyware-genesis)    beginning of spyware

microcdex    (micro-cdex)     small cdex
pseudocdex    (pseudo-cdex)    false or deceptive cdex
cdexgenic    (cdex-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for cdex
carnocdex    (carno-cdex)    flesh or meat cdex
precdexably    (pre-cdex-ably)    performing in a manor worth of before or prior to cdex
cdexium    (cdex-ium)    chemical element or group cdex
hypercdexism    (hyper-cdex-ism)    action, process or practice of above or beyond cdex
homocdexium    (homo-cdex-ium)    chemical element or group same cdex
pneumocdex    (pneumo-cdex)    air cdex
cdexize    (cdex-ize)    to cause to be or to become cdex
cdexeous    (cdex-eous)    having the nature of cdex
parcdex    (par-cdex)    abnormal or beyond cdex
cdexosis    (cdex-osis)    abnormal condition or process of cdex
countercdex    (counter-cdex)    contrary or opposite of cdex
cdexisation    (cdex-isation)    process or result of doing or making cdex
curacdexary    (cura-cdex-ary)    of or relating to heal or cure cdex
acrocdexion    (acro-cdex-ion)    action or process of top, tip or end cdex
cdexgraph    (cdex-graph)    written or used for writing cdex
cdexful    (cdex-ful)    full of cdex
parcdexmorphic    (par-cdex-morphic)    having the form of abnormal or beyond cdex
cdexphobia    (cdex-phobia)    fear of cdex
hematocdex    (hemato-cdex)    blood cdex
cdexish    (cdex-ish)    of, relating to, or being cdex
cdexary    (cdex-ary)    of or relating to cdex
stereocdex    (stereo-cdex)    solid or three dimensional cdex

counterfirewallous    (counter-firewall-ous)    possessing, full of or characterized by contrary or opposite of firewall
megafirewallion    (mega-firewall-ion)    action or process of a large firewall
perifirewallite    (peri-firewall-ite)    native, resident or part of around, about firewall
firewallling    (firewall-ling)    one connected with firewall
subfirewalling    (sub-firewall-ing)    action, process or art of below or under firewall
neofirewallive    (neo-firewall-ive)    performing or tending toward new firewall
cryptofirewall    (crypto-firewall)    hidden or secret firewall
metafirewall    (meta-firewall)    changed from or later than firewall
firewallability    (firewall-ability)    inclination or suitability for firewall
firewalloid    (firewall-oid)    having the appearance of firewall
firewalless    (firewall-ess)    a female firewall
bonfirewallably    (bon-firewall-ably)    performing in a manor worth of good firewall
outfirewall    (out-firewall)    surpassing or exceeding firewall
confirewallgraph    (con-firewall-graph)    written or used for writing with firewall
macrofirewallite    (macro-firewall-ite)    native, resident or part of long, large firewall
firewallgraphy    (firewall-graphy)    representation of or process of representing firewall
hierfirewallaqueous    (hier-firewall-aqueous)    watery sacred firewall
capitfirewall    (capit-firewall)    leader or first firewall
firewallive    (firewall-ive)    performing or tending toward firewall
ectofirewallgenic    (ecto-firewall-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for outside of firewall
divfirewall    (div-firewall)    god firewall
homofirewall    (homo-firewall)    same firewall
firewallium    (firewall-ium)    chemical element or group firewall
firewallium    (firewall-ium)    chemical element or group firewall
underfirewallgenic    (under-firewall-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for beneath or below firewall

antepeer    (ante-peer)     before peer
electropeer    (electro-peer)    electric peer
interpeerambulate    (inter-peer-ambulate)    to walk or wander between or in the midst of peer
peerless    (peer-less)    without peer
peerive    (peer-ive)    performing or tending toward peer
peerish    (peer-ish)    of, relating to, or being peer
megapeer    (mega-peer)    a large peer
peercide    (peer-cide)    to cut down or kill peer
peergenic    (peer-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for peer
peergenesis    (peer-genesis)    beginning of peer
thermpeer    (therm-peer)    heat of peer
peerate    (peer-ate)    resembling or characterized by peer
capitpeer    (capit-peer)    leader or first peer
ornithopeer    (ornitho-peer)    bird peer
pneumopeer    (pneumo-peer)    air peer
peerish    (peer-ish)    of, relating to, or being peer
parapeerization    (para-peer-ization)    process or result of doing or making near or similar to peer
peerise    (peer-ise)    to cause to be or to become peer
neopeerine    (neo-peer-ine)    made of or resembling new peer
peerion    (peer-ion)    action or process of peer
peerability    (peer-ability)    inclination or suitability for peer
peerial    (peer-ial)    of, relating to, or characterized by peer
peercide    (peer-cide)    to cut down or kill peer
annupeer    (annu-peer)    yearly peer
peerise    (peer-ise)    to cause to be or to become peer

psychoemuleion    (psycho-emule-ion)    action or process of mental activities or the mind of emule
emuleling    (emule-ling)    one connected with emule
hemiemule    (hemi-emule)    half emule
aquaticemulegenesis    (aquatic-emule-genesis)    beginning of water emule
superemule    (super-emule)    above or superior to emule
breviemuleambulate    (brevi-emule-ambulate)    to walk or wander short emule
emulecide    (emule-cide)    to cut down or kill emule
endoemuleation    (endo-emule-ation)    process, state or action of within emule
emulegraph    (emule-graph)    written or used for writing emule
mulitemule    (mulit-emule)    many, much emule
emuleably    (emule-ably)    performing in a manor worth of emule
emuleoid    (emule-oid)    having the appearance of emule
psychoemuleaqueous    (psycho-emule-aqueous)    watery mental activities or the mind of emule
pneumoemulegenesis    (pneumo-emule-genesis)    beginning of air emule
megaemulemorphic    (mega-emule-morphic)    having the form of a large emule
bonemule    (bon-emule)    good emule
brevemuleious    (brev-emule-ious)    full of or having the qualities of short emule
cephaloemuleish    (cephalo-emule-ish)    of, relating to, or being head emule
gastroemuleambulate    (gastro-emule-ambulate)    to walk or wander stomach of emule
semiemule    (semi-emule)    half or partial emule
hieremule    (hier-emule)    sacred emule
emuleium    (emule-ium)    chemical element or group emule
disemule    (dis-emule)    not emule
emuleambulist    (emule-ambulist)    one who walks or wanders emule
electroemule    (electro-emule)    electric emule

chromoastalavistaologist    (chromo-astalavista-ologist)    one who studies color astalavista
paleoastalavista    (paleo-astalavista)    long ago, ancient astalavista
capitastalavistaine    (capit-astalavista-ine)    made of or resembling leader or first astalavista
paleoastalavista    (paleo-astalavista)    long ago, ancient astalavista
cryptoastalavista    (crypto-astalavista)    hidden or secret astalavista
aquaticastalavista    (aquatic-astalavista)    water astalavista
astalavistambulate    (astalavista-ambulate)    to walk or wander astalavista
capitastalavistagraphy    (capit-astalavista-graphy)    representation of or process of representing leader or first astalavista
astalavistaful    (astalavista-ful)    full of astalavista
hematoastalavista    (hemato-astalavista)    blood astalavista
metastalavista    (meta-astalavista)    changed from or later than astalavista
astalavistaologist    (astalavista-ologist)    one who studies astalavista
hierastalavistaise    (hier-astalavista-ise)    to cause to be or to become sacred astalavista
astalavistagenic    (astalavista-genic)    producing, produced by, or suitable for astalavista
astalavistator    (astalavista-ator)    one that acts in the manner of astalavista
astalavistaologist    (astalavista-ologist)    one who studies astalavista
hemiastalavistagenesis    (hemi-astalavista-genesis)    beginning of half astalavista
hypoastalavistance    (hypo-astalavista-ance)    state or condition of below or less than astalavista
homoastalavista    (homo-astalavista)    same astalavista
capitastalavistaproof    (capit-astalavista-proof)    able to withstand leader or first astalavista
triastalavista    (tri-astalavista)    three astalavista
annuastalavistability    (annu-astalavista-ability)    inclination or suitability for yearly astalavista
hierastalavistaion    (hier-astalavista-ion)    action or process of sacred astalavista
astalavistaory    (astalavista-ory)    relating to or characterized by astalavista
hydroastalavista    (hydro-astalavista)    water or liquid astalavista

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KaZaA Lite K++ 2.4.8 PL

Jest to polska wersja jednego z najbardziej znanych programów typu p2p. Polecamy :)

pobierano: 26082 razy | rozmiar pliku: 4225 KB | pobierz

eMule 0.43b (Hotfix)

eMule to alternatywny program p2p działający na zasadzie eDonkey (potrafi korzystać z tych samych serwerów).
Aplikacja zawiera polską wersję językową (zmieniamy ją w: Settings/Language).

Licencja: freeware

pobierano: 11675 razy | rozmiar pliku: 3572 KB | pobierz

KaZaA Lite Rewolucja 2.6.0

KaZaA Lite Rewolucja bazuje na silniku KaZaA Lite K++ (według większości użytkowników jest lepsza od dostępnej KaZaA lite Ressurection czy K-Lite) - czyli jest kontynuajcą projektu tworzonego przez

- szybsze pobieranie polskich plików (wyłączono możliwość nieudostępniania)
- polska pełna wersja (nie jak dotąd w formie nakładki)
- nowa, ładniejsza i bardziej przydatna strona startowa
- rozmiar pliku instalacyjnego wynosi 2.85 MB (do tej pory 4.15 MB)
- problem z wyskakującymi popup'ami został rozwiązany
- obsługa linków magnetycznych
- automatyczne dodawanie linków sig2dat
- kopiowanie linka sig2dat pobieraniego pliku w wielu formatach
- wielokrotne zaznaczanie w oknie pobierania
- w opcji "wyszukiwanie" dodano listę linków weryfikowanych z oraz porady jak skutecznie wyszukiwać pliki
- poprawiono błędy w tłumaczeniu, zastosowano lepsze określenia
- dodano logo KaZaA Lite Rewolucji
- dodano najnowsze wersje dodatków oraz je spolszczono
- informator o ukazaniu się nowej wersji KaZaA Lite Rewolucja
- reaktywacja KRP (KRP - serwer na łączu 100 mbits i o pojemności 200 GB rozprowadzający polskie pliki)

Co nowego w wersji 2.6?

- poprawiono wszystkie zgłoszone błędy
- zaktualizowano stronę startową
- zaktualizowano listę niebezpiecznych adresów IP
- dodano najnowsze wersje dodatków
- dodano Kazaa Coruption Fixer i KChecker - ponowne pobieranie popsutych fragemtnów pliku
- drobne ulepszenia w programie

pobierano: 11665 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2937 KB | pobierz

iMesh 4

Kolejny bardzo popularny program do wyszukiwania i pobierania plików. Działa na takiej zasadzie jak Kazaa.

pobierano: 5631 razy | rozmiar pliku: 3420 KB | pobierz

DC++ 0.401

Bezpłatny program do wymiany plików miedzy grupami użytkowników. Umożliwia udostępnianie i pobieranie plików mp3, video, graficznych oraz programów. Konfiguracja programu jest dość skomplikowana dla początkujących użytkowników.
Spolszczenie do pobrania tutaj

Licencja: Freeware

pobierano: 5174 razy | rozmiar pliku: 1677 KB | pobierz

eDonkey2000 Lite 0.52

Aplikacja, która osiąga lepsze transfery niż eDonkey2000. W stosunku do oryginalnej wersji dokonano w nim tylko najpotrzebniejszych zmian, usunięto szpiegów.

pobierano: 3851 razy | rozmiar pliku: 1069 KB | pobierz

Audiogalaxy Satellite 0.609

Bardzo dobry system wymiany mp3. Skuteczność w pobieraniu plików sięga 92%. Polecamy.

pobierano: 3185 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2020 KB | pobierz

BearShare 4.3.5 PL

BearShare to prosty w obsłudze i bardzo popularny klient sieci Gnutella. Pozwala na pobieranie muzyki MP3, filmów, grafiki oraz innych plików. Polska wersja programu.

pobierano: 3145 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2600 KB | pobierz

Direct Connect 2.20

Direct Connect to program typu P2P, który oprócz możliwosci wymiany plików z innymi użytkownikami pozwala na rozmowy w czasie rzeczywistym. Jest pewną odmianą FTP-a, jednak z większymi możliwościami,gdyż wszyscy użytkownicy tworzą razem jeden serwer.

pobierano: 2208 razy | rozmiar pliku: 909 KB | pobierz

Morpheus 4.0 beta

Najnowsza wersja testowa popularnego klienta sieci peer-to-peer. W porównaniu z poprzednimi wydaniami aplikacja doczekała się znacznych ulepszeń i znacznego poszerzenia możliwości. Użytkownicy wpisując zapytanie mają możliwość jednoczesnego przeszukania wielu sieci bezpośredniej wymiany plików (Kazaa, iMESH, eDonkey, Overnet, Grokster, Gnutella, LimeWire, G2). Dodatkowo, Morpheus pozwala czatować za pomocą specjalnego, wbudowanego modułu oraz umożliwia prowadzenie rozmów głosowych (częściowo płatna usługa). Jedną z wielu zalet programu jest możliwość zdefiniowania osobnych katalogów "Downloads" (do którego zapisywane są pobierane z Sieci pliki) oraz "My Shared Folder" (katalogu, z którego inni użytkownicy będą mogli pobierać programy). W czasie instalacji program może zainstalować na lokalnym komputerze oprogramowanie dodatkowe (również spyware).

Program w czasie instalacji pobiera dodatkowe komponenty z Internetu (około 2,9 MB).

pobierano: 1846 razy | rozmiar pliku: 80 KB | pobierz

BearShare 4.4.3 PL

BearShare jest darmowym programem do komputera z systemem Windows. Jest to najbardziej wyszukana na świecie aplikacja do współdzielenia plików typu P2P działająca w sieci Gnutella.
Wersja polska!

Licencja: Freeware (z reklamami)

pobierano: 1647 razy | rozmiar pliku: 3030 KB | pobierz

Kazaa Media Desktop 2.6

KaZaA jest bardzo popularnym programem P2P, bije na głowę pod względem ilości użytkowników Soulseeka i WinMX'a, jednak nie zawsze ilość idzie w parze z jakością. Jest on pełen ad-ware i spy-ware zaśmiecającego system, więc polecamy korzystać ze specjalnie zmodyfikowanej wersji: KaZaA Lite (K++).

pobierano: 1529 razy | rozmiar pliku: 437 KB | pobierz

eDonkey2000 v1.0.1

Program typu peer-to peer umożliwiający wymianę plików (audio, video, grafika, soft itp.). Pobieranie odbywa się jednocześnie od wielu użytkowników co zdecydowanie skraca czas pobierania. Dodatkowo pobierając któryś z plików automatycznie udostępniamy go innym użytkownikom.

Licencja: Adware

pobierano: 1375 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2940 KB | pobierz

DC++ 0.403 beta

Bezpłatny program do wymiany plików miedzy grupami użytkowników. Umożliwia udostępnianie i pobieranie plików mp3, video, graficznych oraz programów. Konfiguracja programu jest dość skomplikowana dla początkujących użytkowników.

Licencja: Freeware

pobierano: 945 razy | rozmiar pliku: 1901 KB | pobierz

Kazaap 2.1

Kolejna alternatywa dla KaZaa Media Deskop . Podobnie jak KaZaa Lite pozbawiona reklam, urzadzeń szpiegujących oraz wielu innch uciążliwości.

pobierano: 845 razy | rozmiar pliku: 697 KB | pobierz

eMule 0.43b

eMule to alternatywny program p2p działający na zasadzie eDonkey (potrafi korzystać z tych samych serwerów). Wersja: 0,43b

Licencja: Freeware

pobierano: 819 razy | rozmiar pliku: 3480 KB | pobierz

BearShare 4.6.0 Beta 20

BearShare jest darmowym programem do komputera z systemem Windows. Jest to najbardziej wyszukana na świecie aplikacja do współdzielenia plików typu P2P działająca w sieci Gnutella.

BearShare pozwala na współdzielenie i wyszukiwanie każdego typu plików, takich jak .mp3, .avi, .jpg, .mpg, etc.

Licencja: Adware

pobierano: 635 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2880 KB | pobierz

BearShare 4.5.0 beta 9

Nowa wersja BearShare. Pozwala na dotarcie do wszystkich rodzajów plików dostępnych w ramach Gnutelli. Posiada wbudowany mechanizm przyspieszający proces pozyskiwania pliku. Niestety zawiera programy szpiegowskie (spyware).
Licencja: Adware

pobierano: 431 razy | rozmiar pliku: 2970 KB | pobierz

Shareaza Beta PL

ShareazaProgram P2P, który umożliwia korzystanie z kilku sieci naraz (Gnutella1, Gnutella2 (G2), Edonkey 2000, BitTorrent). Nie ma problemu z konfiguracją, ponieważ po odpaleniu uruchamia się konfigurator. Shareaza pracuje w 3 trybach: normalnym, zaawansowany i epspert. Program bez problemu działa z Windows XP SP2, wersja spolszczona.

Licencja: Freeware

pobierano: 414 razy | rozmiar pliku: 3250 KB | pobierz

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